For every minute that passes, fitness enthusiasts are coming to terms with the fact that treadmills are the only fat-burning machines at their exposal these days. With the home gym being labeled as one of the most expensive rooms to equip, things are gradually changing, thanks to pieces of equipment such as the Confidence Power Plus.

This motorized electric treadmill was introduced back in 2011. While it is not packed with the complicated specs that are associated with expensive fitness equipment, it is a no-frill machine that puts in shape all those who desire to equip their home gyms with cheap and reasonably-sized machines.

It is an entry-level motorized and foldable treadmill, meant for the folks who prefer a combination of cardio and strength equipment in a quiet and non-judgmental setting. With a comparatively less powerful motor, however, you must fully understand what it contains before you make the decision to take it home or not.

Confidence Power Plus Review


The treadbelt – Measuring only 14”×38.5, it can comfortably suffice for users who are slightly shorter than 6 feet. For taller persons, there is a likelihood that they will feel confined while running on the treadmill. Being a machine in the entry-level budget, it is no surprise that it lacks the cushioning component which safeguards the back and joints against injuries. However, this is a treadmill meant for light workouts, which implies that there is not much of an impact to contend with.

The motor – Again because of its cost, the motor is slightly weaker, running at only 1.5 continuous horsepower. It is particularly good for walking and jogging, and may not be of great help to anyone whose intention is to run. The treadmill can hit a speed of 7.5 MPH. it is not as noisy as one would expect in a low-priced treadmill, which is of great value to those who dwell in apartments.

Console – This fitness equipment is defined by a computer console, with a LED display that is simple in design and basic in functionality. Right from the front of the machine, you will enjoy complete control over the settings. This is an opportunity to make any adjustment that will allow you to enjoy brisk walks and less-intensive runs on the deck. The LED screen is large enough for stress-free viewing at a glance. Some of the data that you read on the screen includes the calories burned, distance covered, running speed and time taken.

Programs – Unlike the other treadmills, this has only 3 pre-set programs, with the implication that you don’t have much to choose from. Even so, the three programs have been designed in a way to mix up your exercises and challenge you as the speed increases.

Warranty – Regardless of its low price, it comes with a longer warranty compared to the more expensive brands and models. The motor is shielded by a 5-year warranty while the frame runs on a 1-year warranty.

Dimensions – Once it has been assembled, the dimensions are as follows: 49”×24”×11”.

What special features should you expect?

A space-saving design

It has the capacity and strength needed to support a 250-pounds person but it is still light and compact to limit the amount of floor space that you need. Thanks to its foldable design, it can be set and used anywhere in your house after which it is folded for storage. The treadmill comes with a set of wheels at the bottom, and can therefore be hauled with ease to any corner of the room. In a strikingly small room, you can slide it under the bed and pull it out when it is needed.

An office design

The Confidence Power electric treadmill is made with an exceedingly low profile, a design that is ideal for working out at the office. It is compatible with most standing desks, which allows the execution of slow walks as you perform some desk jobs.

A lightweight treadmill

One of the conditions that go into designing an excellent piece of fitness equipment for a home gym is a lightweight design that will allow easy movement. With only 53 pounds, you can be sure that the Confidence Power Plus is something easy to move from one place to another.

What do others say about it?


I have used this treadmill for three months and it certainly offers more than what I expected at such a price. I can easily use it with my office desk, walking slightly as I execute some of the light office jobs. Coupled with its lightweight design, it is the perfect treadmill for someone whose expectations are not too high.


I just enjoy the basic controls that define this equipment. While it can be attributed to the store from which I bought it, I just loved the speed with which it arrived soon after I placed my order. I cannot forget the hassle-free assembly that I enjoyed. Even so, I have stretched my fitness needs within a short time and I don’t think it is the best machine that I need at the moment.


It was the first treadmill that I bought but I can admit that I have never sought anyone’s assistance in assembling and using the machine. The manual was comprehensive enough, instructing me how to assemble, lubricate and use the belt.

The verdict

This is obviously the best treadmill for a beginner because there is not much to expect from the onset. Regardless of the limited number of features that it contains, Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill will deliver to a reasonable level, all your weight loss and fitness needs.

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  • It is small, compact and light for easy storage
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It is very easy to assemble and use
  • It has simple controls and an easy interface for convenient use
  • The treadmill is protected by an amazingly long-term warranty


  • The belt may stop along the way and call for the user to reset the treadmill
  • It is not ideal for someone who needs more intense workouts