For more than 30 years now Proform is providing the best fitness equipment. The Proform 505 CST treadmill was highly anticipated in 2014 by fitness enthusiasts and pro alike.

From a pro to a newbie, every type of runner can use this treadmill as it easy to use and makes of a perfect addition to a home. Out of the many advantages the fact that it is an affordable piece of equipment takes the cake.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in this Treadmill.

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review

What are the features of this Treadmill?

Belt Size and Type – The size of the tread belt that comes with this Proform 505 CST treadmill is 20” by 55”. The quality of the belt is outstanding and helps in its smooth performance. It comes with ProShox Lite 3 cushioning. Running on it is very comfortable as the wide belt is a non-slip one.

Drive Motor – You will be getting a commercial motor of 2.5 CHP. The warranty for this motor is 25 years. This motor comes with an axial fan so this treadmill has a self-cooling and quiet drive system. So, there will be dealing with loud noise and internal components heat-up.

Speed and Incline – From 0 to 10 percent is what Proform is offering in the case of the quick incline control, making it the most convenient and adjustable incline. There is an option to change the incline with a touch of a single button. This quick speed control is definitely a great change from the traditional machines.

Full Dimension and Weight – The dimensions (L x W X H) are 70 x 34 x 59.5 inches. The shipping weight is 195 pounds It has the capability to hold a maximum weight to 300 pounds. Because of its portable design and its capability to be folded vertically, you can store it quite easy.

Warranty – Enjoy an advantage of lifetime warranty for frame and 1 year warranty on parts and labor. You are also getting a 25 year warranty for the motor which is very reassuring.

What sets this treadmill apart from others?

Compared to the other, Proform 505 CST is definitely packed with some unique features that make it one of the best treadmills around. The unique features that set it apart are:

The Backlit Display

It doesn’t matter what your height is or at what speed you are running, with a backlit display of 6 inches you can easily get all the information you need.

Heart Rate Monitor

The dual grip EKG monitor for Heart rate is a great addition. It gives you the correct information with the help of the built-in sensors that are present in the handle bars. This placement makes it easy to use, and the monitor will offer you the information in real time.

iPod compatibility with 2.0 Sound System

According to researches, the right music gives you the motivation you need to work hard. Proform made sure that the interplay music port is compatible with iPod which you can keep on the console shelf. It comes with intermix acoustics 2.0 which is an incredible built-in sound system that gives great, crisp sound.

Workout Apps

There are 15 built-in workout apps that will act as your personal trainer. There is the option to choose distance, time or calorie-goal workouts. Besides this, it’s simple to navigate, and all workouts are very easy to understand and to follow.

What users of this treadmill have to say?

“When I told everyone that I will be buying a treadmill, everyone said that it is not a good idea. But I’m so glad that I went ahead with my decision. It is so easy to use, and I absolutely love the in-built workout app.” – Jessica R.

“As I cannot go to the gym every day because of my busy schedule, so I asked my trainer to suggest a treadmill and he suggested me this. It fulfills my requirement and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very easy with it. I also want to mention that the heart rate monitoring feature is my favorite” – Mark W.

What is the final verdict?

This fitness machine makes for a great purchase. With so many features and such a great price, this treadmill will help you to achieve your fitness goals fast.

Proform 505 CST Treadmill


Belt & Motor


Console & Usability


Customer Satisfaction


Quality & Warranty


Design & Price



  • Because of the vertical folding option it is very easy to store.
  • Pace and intensity can be changed according to the capability of the user, thanks to the speed and incline controls.
  • There are 15 workout apps that are perfect for beginners or those who need a proper guidance.
  • Proform 505 CST treadmill comes with great warranty.
  • The price is affordable compared to other machines that have similar features.


  • This treadmill needs to be assembled, and this process can take more than 2 hours.
  • The built-in safety feature requires an extra step, that is, it requires a magnetic key for its activation.