Sole Fitness F65 Folding Treadmill Review

Sole Fitness is widely recognized as the go-to name in home exercise machines due to its impeccable reputation for reliability, longevity, and efficiency. The Sole Fitness F65 is one of their most impressive treadmills, and it’s highly recommended for anyone who wants a challenging treadmill workout without having to leave the house.

The F65 provides an unparalleled workout thanks to its cutting-edge features, high-quality construction, and focus on user comfort. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Sole Fitness F65 treadmill and discuss its most notable features, benefits, and user experience.

Robust Construction

The Sole Fitness F65 is a worthwhile investment due to its durability and ability to sustain intense training. Its heavy-duty steel construction ensures maximum stability, even during the most strenuous of workouts. Treadmill users of varying sizes and weights will find this piece of exercise equipment to be to their liking. The F65’s sturdy construction guarantees a risk-free workout every time.

Powerful Motor

The Sole Fitness F65’s strong 3.25 continuous horsepower engine ensures reliable and consistent exercise every time. The silent operation of the motor ensures that users may focus on their workout without being interrupted by annoying noise. The F65’s motor automatically adjusts to your speed, so you may walk, jog, or sprint on it with no disruption to your training.

Spacious Running Surface

The F65’s running area is a generous 20″ x 60″. Users of varying statures and gait lengths will appreciate the wide layout and its accompanying ease of use. The F65’s roomy running surface is designed to suit a variety of running styles, from casual strolls to all-out sprints, so that you can give your whole attention to your training.

Advanced Cushioning System

The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck of the Sole Fitness F65 is one of its most notable features because of how it reduces stress on the joints during running. This modern padding system eases pressure on your joints while you work out, making for a less painful session overall. Shock absorption technology cushions your every step, making you less likely to get hurt and helping you get better faster.

Versatile Workout Programs

The F65 has a number of professionally-designed pre-programmed programs to keep your routines interesting and difficult. You can discover a suitable regimen in one of these programs regardless of your current fitness level. In addition, you can alter the treadmill’s user programs to better suit your needs and preferences during exercise.

Intuitive Console

The F65’s console is equipped with an eye-catching 7.5″ LCD display, which gives you instantaneous, easy-to-read feedback on your workout progress. The intuitive design of the interface facilitates swift movement around the system and access to its many features. To further improve your training experience, the console has built-in speakers and an MP3-compatible sound system so you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts.

Connectivity and Tracking

The Sole activity F65 treadmill has Bluetooth integrated right in, making it easy to sync with activity trackers. You can measure your performance over time, establish objectives, and see your development in the gym all at the same time if you sync your workout data. You’ll find a new source of drive and responsibility in this incorporated approach to fitness.

Space-Saving Design

The F65’s large running surface and collapsible construction make it a good choice for apartments or small houses. When not in use, the treadmill may be folded up and stored vertically, negating the need for any horizontal storage area. The hydraulic folding mechanism makes folding simple and easy.


The Sole Fitness F65 treadmill is evidence of the company’s dedication to producing high-quality exercise machines. The F65 provides a whole package for home exercise enthusiasts, thanks to its sturdy build, strong motor, large running area, innovative cushioning system, varied workout programs, user-friendly console, convenient connectivity options, and compact footprint.

The Sole Fitness F65 is a luxury treadmill that will serve you well for many years and is an investment in your health. Get a Sole Fitness F65 and feel the transformative impact of performance and comfort in your own home workouts.


Can you tell me how much weight the Sole Fitness F65 treadmill can handle?

The maximum user weight for the Sole Fitness F65 treadmill is 350 lbs. (158.8 kg).

Is there a guarantee for the F65 treadmill?

There is a lengthy guarantee on the Sole Fitness F65 treadmill. The frame, motor, and deck are normally covered for the lifespan of the product, and other costs like parts and labor may also be covered.

Can I fold the Sole Fitness F65 treadmill up and put it away?

The F65 treadmill can be folded up for easy storage, thus the answer is yes. When not in use, just fold it up and stack it vertically.

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