Sole fitness is a marketing based business in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The manufacturing of their fitness products is done by international trading company Dyaco.

The fitness F65 model is a folding treadmill that is ideal for new users. It is easy to set up and fold away again, so your treadmill doesn’t have to take up a whole room.

Sole Fitness F65 Review

What are the Main Features of the Sole Fitness F65?

Foldable Frame – The frame is easy to fold and unfold saving you time faffing about trying to put it away. On top of this the frame is also sturdy.

Powerful Motor – It is powered by 2.75 HP motor. This particular motor runs cooler than most and will last longer.

Running Area – The sole fitness F65 has a running area of 20 by 58 inches, giving you plenty of space. The weight limit for this machine is 360lbs.

Programmes – There are ten different running programmes to suit all levels of fitness and all exercise regimes. Programmes vary from fat burning to cardio to high intensity interval training. Alternatively if you do not want to follow a programmes you can set it to quick start which allows you to manually change speed and incline.

LCD Display – The 7.5 inch LCD display screen which works as a simple user interface. This is where you are able to alter speed, incline or choose your workout programme.

Heart Rate Grips – There are grips on the handle bar which can monitor your heart rate. This feature is especially important for inexperienced or over weight runners/joggers as it will let them keep track of the heart so they know if they are pushing themselves too hard. It is also handy for athletes you want to monitor their recovery rate.

Entertainment Deck – Just below the display screen you will find a docking system where you can attach your IPod or other mp3 device and play your music though the treadmill’s audio system.

Cooling Fan – This treadmill also comes with an inbuilt fan to help you cool down during your workout.

What makes the Sole Fitness F65 unique?

The Sole Fitness F65 has lots of great features, but so do many other foldable treadmills, so why should you buy the F65? Well for starters it is easy to use. It is quick to assemble, and easy to fold up. The LCD screen allows you to easily selection your speed up to 11mph and incline up to 15 percent. It also gives you feedback on time, distance travelled, pace, calories burnt and heart rate.

You can use the screen to set your own goals based on time, distance or calories. Its wide range of workouts means you can customise your exercise to suit your needs and fitness goals. It also has two user workout settings allowing you to design your own workout.

Secondly it is a great space saver! As has already been mentioned the Sole Fitness F65 is folding treadmill making it ideal for those want to save space. You can fold the running deck upwards towards the handles, which will save you a significant amount of floor space. When folded up it is compact enough to fit in a cupboard or storage space.

The design of the folding mechanism is extremely easy to use and incorporates and Easy Assist folding feature. Once you have folded or unfolded the treadmill as the case may be there is a safety lock which allows you to secure the treadmill in position.

It also comes with an impressive warranty:

Frame Warranty: Lifetime
Motor Warranty: Lifetime
Parts Warranty: 3 years
Labour Warranty: 1 year

This means your treadmill is protected under warranty for a long time if anything should go wrong.

Who is the Sole Fitness F65 for?

The answer to this is simple: anyone! Sole fitness F65 are extremely easy to use, making them great for first time buyers or people who have never used a treadmill before.

The LCD display screen makes it easy to set up work outs to suit you. However they are also good for more experienced or serious runners, as they are able to use one of the more advanced workout programmes, or customise their own, while being able to monitor their progress.

Their extensive range of workout programmes is ideal for whatever type of training your after.

Final Verdict

However, overall, the Sole Fitness F65 has had predominantly good feedback from reviewers. Most reviewers have awarded it a four or five star rating, with very few complaints.

The Sole Fitness F65 has proven itself to be one of the best foldable treadmills out there.

Sole Fitness F65 Folding Treadmill


Belt & Motor


Console & Usability


Customer Satisfaction


Quality & Warranty


Design & Price



  • It’s easy to use folding system is a good space-saver
  • The LCD display is very easy to use and self-explanatory whilst still having the same great features as more complex one
  • The frame is of a sturdy design, capable of holding up to 360lbs
  • The built in fan, something every treadmill or piece of exercise equipment should have!


  • The main problem with the Sole Fitness F65 is not to do with the treadmill itself but rather the company’s customer service department. A lot of reviewers have mentioned that when they had a problem with the treadmill they found it very difficult to get through to customer services and that the staff did not always return their calls.
  • The hand grips which monitor heart rate are not always entirely accurate, which can make it difficult to accurately judge your recovery period.