How to run on a treadmill like a pro

f you are one of those people who think that running on treadmill doesn’t need any guidance, think again. The way you run on a treadmill makes a huge difference in how much calorie you will lose at the end of the treadmill workout. Thus, learning to be a pro is an important step in making your treadmill workout much more effective and worthy.

As an experienced running instructor, I have seen people running on treadmill as if it’s the same as running or sprinting on the street. But, as I have spent quite a long period of time on treadmills and guided people of all ages, I know that without proper training and information it’s easy to do it wrong.

Here’s a how to guide for you on how to run like a pro, so that you lose weight, burn calories and feel super good at the end of your treadmill workout.

How to run like a pro on a treadmill?

First of all, a treadmill doesn’t only help you lose weight by burning those extra calories in your body, but it will also strengthen your muscle to the core. Most people don’t know anything about strengthening and only concentrate on how to burn calories while they run on treadmill.

Thus, this section is divided into two parts. First will emphasize on how you could burn more calories by effectively running on treadmill, and the second will concentrate on how to use the treadmill in a way that will ensure you gain strength and build up your core muscles.

How to burn more calories while running on a treadmill?

First of all, to burn more calories it’s of immense importance that you concentrate on intense, short workout on treadmill. To burn more calories and lose more weight make sure that you are not running at a same pace. Make sure to gradually increase intensity – first start off with a slow pace and after some time, increase your speed util you reach running at a comfortable level. When you start to get tired, return to a slower pace. This is one of the best ways to burn more calories. It’s much more efficient than just keeping the same pace while you’re doing your treadmill running.

Running well on a treadmill needs practice. The more you practice, the better you will become. Once you became used to a certain speed, it’s time to grow – time to increase the intensity and speed. Go beyond your comfort zone, aim for the next level and burn more fat and calories as a result. Speed will give you wings. If you are well versed at 15 MPH, increase the speed to 20 MPH and try whether you are able to manage the speed for some time or not. Once you start feeling exhaustion, stop there and don’t overdo it. Remember it takes time, so there’s no need to exaggerate – be patient.

How to strengthen your core muscles?

Have you ever run up the the hill? If you did you know how hard and intense it can be. It takes a lot to run up toward the summit. But, with a treadmill it can be easier as you can adjust the inclination. Once you start running on the incline, your calves, buttock, thighs and core muscles will get involved more.

If you are an intermediate treadmill runner, it’s recommended that you don’t hold the handle while sprinting. If you can balance your body with your hands, without the need to hold the treadmill’s handles, do it! It will shape up your shoulders, biceps, and triceps and you’ll get a better overall training.

Why treadmill is better than running?

Pace: The best thing about treadmills is that you can easily adjust the speed and if you are really focused on your workout you can get faster results.

Incline: Just raise or lower the incline and you’ll target different muscles and put more pressure for a more intense workout. It’s easy to do, and the more expensive models are automated – change inline at the push of a button.

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