In today’s world, it is commonplace to play participate in some sports. Running is a great way to maintain a good stamina, to distract us from our daily work, as well as to relax a bit. With its help, you can also take care of your health, while burning fat that your body store to increase its capacity, to strengthen separate muscle groups and to improve your overall endurance.

In case of active running machines, the heart of the structure is the motor itself. This is such data that you need to compare with other facts – how fast you can adjust speed, your stamina, or the width of the running deck. In general, it is true that the higher the performance of a treadmill, the better is for you. Performance should not be less than 1.5 horsepower (HP), in which case we are talking about very weak treadmills, where training may have little effect on your endurance.

Another benefit of having your own treadmill is that you can choose the one that best suits you when you purchase it. This will be a great benefit later during your training. However, choosing the right treadmill is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It is important to look at all the factors and make an optimal choice taking into account the price/value and your expectations too. In order to make things easier, we provide you some ideas about the best running treadmills available.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S & 6.5Si Models)

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S & 6.5Si Models) has variety of pre-programmed workouts can be accessed from the console, with which you can improve your muscle strength easier. Its backlit 10” capacitive touch LED display allows you to track your workout statistics and monitor your improving performance over time. When designing the NordicTrack treadmill, producers were careful not to compromise its quality, while greatly improving its power to a stabile 2.6 HP performance. Due to its folding option, it is excellent for in-home use as well, as it offers an easy-to-use folding frame. The model has all the necessary features that made this product one of the best treadmills in the world.

XTERRA Fitness TR150

XTERRA Fitness TR150

XTERRA Fitness TR150 has an XTRASoft deck cushioning technology, which gives you multiple points of cushioning throughout the deck support system. In this way, it allows impact absorption while running with great speed. If the treadmill is not in use, you can also easily fold it thanks to its folding design. Its 5” LCD display provides you important workout feedback, as well as 12 pre-set programs and 3 manual incline settings. The product comes with transport wheels, so it can be move around quickly. Its 2.25 HP motor works smooth and with a quiet high torque at speeds from 0.5 – 10 MPH. Thanks to the high-quality components, many years of intensive use of the home fitness equipment will not be a problem.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs. Thanks to its 2.20 HP motor, it provides speeds of 0.5 – 9 MPH along with 3 manual incline options. Easy folding mechanism and soft drop system can offer you a safe operation and storage possibility. Treadmill cushioning allows you to work out longer with less fatigue as it places less impact force on your legs and joints. Some of its trackable data include time, distance, speed, calories burned and pulse. The machine’s extra smart phone and tablet holder easily fits different devices.

GOPLUS 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill

Goplus 2.25HP

GOPLUS 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill offers you a Safety Key to connect you and the machine. With this option, there is an emergency stop button on the handrail, which double protect you while working out. The available 12 built-in programs will guarantee a varied workout routine for you. These easy-to-use programs will help to improve your health and cardiovascular fitness as well. Running speed of this treadmill ranges between 0.5-7.5 MPH, and you can choose different speed base for different workout purposes. Its built-in strong and quite 2.25 HP impulse motor offers you powerful interval, speed, and endurance trainings too. The treadmill features with a 5” LCD display, thus providing you a better watching experience. The inclination of this treadmill can be manually adjusted in 3 levels. Its easy folding mechanism helps you to safely fold and unfold your treadmill with ease.

ProForm PFTL60916 505 CST (2016 Model)

ProForm PFTL60916

ProForm PFTL60916 505 CST (2016 Model) includes a powerful 2.5 HP motor, having a speed range of 0.10 MPH thanks to its quick speed control option. Some of its other extras include an EKG heart rate monitor, which is quite special and useful for heavy workouts. Thanks to its Space Saver design, you can easily use it in smaller apartments as well by folding it up. Its maximum weight capacity is 325 lbs, so it is perfectly suitable for many people. The treadmill’s large 5” LCD display offers you 18 workout apps.


In conclusion, you need to think carefully about how serious you are about training and what you expect from the new treadmill. You should invest accordingly. Considering the many available treadmill models, we recommend that you should thoroughly review the price ranges before choosing. The treadmill parameters also need to play a key role. Active treadmills are primarily about engine performance and optional speeds. The dimensions, lengths and widths of the deck should also be taken into account. Remember, the bigger the belt, the more comfortable to run on it. If a treadmill meets your expectations and your parameters as well, after that, check the price. If the price is also right and affordable to you, you can easily buy the treadmill without any worry.