All you need to know about Treadmills

For a long time now, treadmills have crafted their way into the list of top aerobic fitness equipment both at home and in fitness centers. This is perhaps because they mimic simple, familiar and comfortable exercises.

With several climate changes rendering the weather unpredictable, a treadmill comes handy, offering a variety of exercise options. Amidst all these however, using a treadmill at the gym is totally different from equipping your home with one.

Before you make the next move to buy an individual treadmill, therefore, here is a couple of things that you should know:

Treadmills are ranked first

My obsession with treadmills landed me in the journal of the American Medical Association, which based on extensive studies, had indicated that treadmills are ranked first in the world of aerobic fitness machines because they offer an efficient and effective way of burning more calories within a short time.

This aside, real-time data from the National Sporting Goods Association indicates that treadmills top the list of home aerobic exercise machines.

Its build determines performance

If you have made the move to join the ranks of treadmill owners, this is one fact that will inform your purchase. Talking of a treadmill’s build, it starts from the motor and extends all the way to the belt, deck and the frame that supports the entire machine.

First things first, the machine’s motor size and power is very essential because it determines the treadmill’s longevity. While some manufacturers measure the motor’s power at peak duty, most of them will measure its horsepower at continuous duty. Having used and tried several of these machines too, I recommend a minimum of 2.0 continues horsepower motor. Such a machine can accommodate more than 180 pounds. The more powerful a motor is, the more efficient your treadmill will be.

The belt and deck also contribute greatly to the motor’s efficiency. The best motors are equipped with a two-ply belt, with shock absorption capabilities to minimize injuries and facilitate comfortable workouts.

The deck is one of the most functional parts of a treadmill as it cushions various parts of the body such as joints, legs and the back. Low impact decks are the most appropriate as they absorb the shock and therefore prevent too much tension which could easily cause injuries.

A sturdy frame is highly preferred in any treadmill. For an aircraft aluminum frame, however, you will be required to dig deep into your pocket because it comes with additional flexibility to absorb even the slightest impact.

Programming features determine a treadmill’s versatility

If you walk through fitness shops and look at the low-priced treadmills, you will discover that they only have basic programming with regard to speed, time, distance, and calories burnt.

You will rarely find a low-priced treadmill which utilizes user information to enhance workout efficiency. As the price range increases and complexity of the machine goes a notch higher, you encounter quality programming features.

Such treadmills will come with preset programs which automatically alter the workout intensity to the benefit of the user.

Maintenance is key

Treadmills have been ranked as the hardest working machines in any gym because they have to support a human being across the deck surface with the help of a fabric belt. This creates a lot of friction and therefore calls for routine maintenance.

If you go for an average treadmill, therefore, you may be required to add a lubricant between the belt surface and the deck routinely. However, high end machines have a self-sustaining system which does all this.

They are the most recommended machines because they can barely fall victim to the negligence that is caused by our busy schedules.

In summary, there is a lot that you need to know before buying a treadmill. Rather than considering the price range alone, look at factors such as its build, maintenance needs and warranty.

This way, you will not only buy an effective machine but also have some quality workout moments.

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