LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill Review

Are you in search of a portable, straightforward walking treadmill? If you do not do not want a treadmill that will be hard to use because of its large size, then the LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill will prove to be ideal. Once folded, this LifeSpan model can be stored both vertically, either behind a door or […]

Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill Review

Today’s hectic life requires a healthy and fit body and Gold’s Gym trainer 720 treadmill can help you achieve that. The 720 model is very simple and convenient to use. It comes with 18 programs and variable inclination that goes up to 10 degrees to maximize the workout results. The programs are designed by certified […]

Review of the Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill

Built by Stamina Products Inc (1987), Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill is considered among the world’s most popular manual treadmill in the American market. The company’s name is synonymous with providing quality home fitness products. It is currently one of the most swiftly expanding Inc. 500 companies in America. This is a complete InMotion manual treadmill review, […]

Sole Fitness F65 Folding Treadmill Review

Sole fitness is a marketing based business in Salt Lake City, Utah. The manufacturing of their fitness products is done by international trading company Dyaco. The fitness F65 model is a folding treadmill that is ideal for new users. It is easy to set up and fold away again, so your treadmill doesn’t have to take […]

All you need to know about treadmills

For a long time now, treadmills have crafted their way into the list of top aerobic fitness equipment both at home and in fitness centers. This is perhaps because they mimic simple, familiar and comfortable exercises. With several climate changes rendering the weather unpredictable, a treadmill comes handy, offering a variety of exercise options. Amidst […]

An overview of treadmill heart rate monitors

The new craze surrounding the use of heart rate monitors will leave you believing that they are new devices in town but in real sense, heart rate monitors have been used for more than 30 years now. Its main function is to give you an accurate pulse rating when exercising, which in turn will indicate […]

Surefire tips to building stamina and endurance

Whether you are an athlete or a simple fitness enthusiast, stamina and endurance are two important things in working out because they determine what you will gain out of each exercise. However, they must be sought with vigor and determination. To help you gain these without too much trouble, I have opted to treat you […]

Should you Invest in Proform 505 CST Treadmill?

For more than 30 years now Proform is providing the best fitness equipment. The Proform 505 CST treadmill was highly anticipated in 2014 by fitness enthusiasts and pro alike. From a pro to a newbie, every type of runner can use this treadmill as it easy to use and makes of a perfect addition to a home. Out of the many […]