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My name is Misi Rock and I am the executive reviewer and owner of this website.

Treadmillreviewed.com is more than just a place were you find information on treadmills and other gym equipment. This is a community where people that share a passion for running and a healthy lifestyle get together to share experiences and advice. This is why this site is an invaluable resource for anyone that understands that working out has more to do with a healthy body and mind than to do with beauty.

On Treadmill, reviewed! ® you’ll find complete reviews that include customer ratings and opinion, definitive guides, how to’s, recommended workout programs and advice, updated comparison charts, lists of the best products in a particular category, some general tips on staying healthy and maybe some advice on supplements and diets too.

A little bit about me

Running is my life-long passion and I have training for e v e r . 🙂

I usually do not share my personal background (I’m kind of an introvert), but here are a couple of things about me….

My real name is Michelle but all my friends call me Misi. I’m so deeply in love (kisses Mark :* ) and my husband to be is fabulous. He’s just such an inspiration for me and he was actually the one to suggest starting this website.

I love computer games – how crazy is that…. don’t ask me about how much time I waste with Candy Crush Saga…  :)) … but, you know, I’m human…. !?!

I love children and I want 3 girls… to be just like me. Mark agrees, by the way.

I spend most of my time at the gym, training and offering support to those who want to take their bodies to the next level. I have more than 12 years of experience and so, I tend to have a good idea on how to create specific workout programs for each body type and goals that people may have.

What exactly is the RRM and how do I make the reviews top notch?

At my gym we have 10 treadmills. Over the years I have personally tested and used more that 10 different models. This, as you might agree, brought me hands on experience and insight on what are the best brands and their best models.

Looking out there for a website that creates unbiased reviews brought me to the conclusion that there is no such thing – a website that is dedicated to treadmills in particular and that will have a proprietary rating model that is working.

Of course, you have Reviews.com, Consumerreports.org, Bestbuy.com, Amazon…. but none that has a proprietary rating model to use that assures top notch, 100% objective reviews.

Then it hit me…. I saw this as my mission.

With Mark’s help and support I spent a couple of months researching how to create such a model. One that will be complete, good enough to offer the ultimate view on the overall quality of a treadmill.

Now, there are a lot of aspects that I take into consideration when reviewing a treadmill. But making things complicated and creating a model that offer tens of parameters will only confuse people. So, I thought to myself, my end result must be simple, easy to understand and enjoy. In the end I came up with this review model that has in the background tens of parameters (that I categorized), but a simple interface.

What you see is a simplified model that is easy to understand and offers a fast, honest and clear view on a treadmill model. Here is an example RRM:

RRM score - example
RRM score – example

If you need any more explanation on how I did it and what are the exact parameters that I take into my system, just email me and we’ll talk.

About that….. If you have any question that regard the reviews on this website, if you want to say Hi, if you want to offer feedback or recommendations, … great!, I appreciate that very much and I will do my best to reply to all in 2 days max.

Looking forward to making some friends,

Stay healthy,


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Misi Rock

Running instructor and executive reviewer at Treadmill reviewed
I'm Misi Rock and I work as a treadmill coach. I run my own business and I have a healthy lifestyle. As a fitness instructor I gained a lot of insight into what works best for a particular body type. I blog about my findings and share my reviews of treadmills and gym equipment.

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